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It’s Jennifer and Robert’s Wedding Day!

Today we have the pleasure of celebrating the wedding of Jennifer and Robert in an intimate ceremony at Cuvier Park (the Wedding Bowl) followed by a reception at Loews Coronado Bay Hotel.  The couple, who travelled from the East Coast to get married in San Diego will have a simply elegant wedding.

Check out their engagement photos from Lin and Jirsa Photography.

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It’s Ashley and Carlos’ Wedding Day!!!

Today I have the honor of being a part of a wedding for an amazing couple – Ashley and Carlos.  These two are the cutest couple and I have had so much fun planning their big day with them.

Here’s their love story:

Carlos and Ashley met when he first arrived on Camp Pendleton. He came into her office to set up credentials for his ID card. Then a few days later, he came back saying his card wasn’t working and left with her number.  They had their first date at the Hotel Del Coronado, and sat at the patio area by the fire and had a drink and talked for hours. They dated and survived a long deployment. Soon after he got back they went on a vacation together to Hawaii. On the second night, they went on a sunset dinner cruise, while everyone was eating dinner they escaped down to the 1st floor of the boat and stood and watched the sunset.

Ashley says: He was standing behind me holding me and and said to me “you know I want to marry you right?” I said to him “yes I know,” then he goes “no, really, and he puts the ring in front of me, and says no really, will you marry me?” I was so excited, that all I kept saying was “REALLY?” and of course I said YES!

Today the couple will marry and we couldn’t be happier for them.  They truly are a fantastic example of true love.


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It’s Ed and Bien’s Wedding Day!!!

We’ve been working with Bien and Ed to plan their wedding from the beginning and we are so excited that today is their wedding day!  From the moment we met the couple, we knew that the pink lady in La Jolla, La Valencia Hotel, would be the best place for the duo to tie the knot.  Not only is the hotel pink, but the reception will be full of the fun hue!

Here’s the inspiration board we created for their wedding:

Inspiration Board Bien and Ed

Their love story:

In June of 2007, Ed needed a new roommate after finishing his first year of psychiatry residency at UC Irvine Medical Center.  He sent out an e-mail to all of the incoming residents in hopes that he would find a new roomie that would be (1) clean and (2) not crazy.  Bien-Aimee responded.

Bien didn’t take the apartment, but they remained “Facebook friends.”

In May 2011, Ed visited his friends in New York City.  He chose to stay stay with Bien instead.  The rest (over a hundred Southwest flights intervening) is history.

The proposal:

Bien spent a lot of time at the Santa Cruz boardwalk as a kid and wanted to share it with Ed since she had such fond memories.  After that, they went for a walk on the beach.  They danced and Ed dipped her, then pretended to fall.  Bien tried to help him up…

Then he told her, “Honey, I can’t get up.”

“What? are you really hurt??” she said.

“I can’t get up without you by my side . . .”

Which brings us to this beautiful March day in La Jolla.

A huge thank you to True Photography for sharing their fantastic engagement photos and CONGRATULATIONS BIEN AND ED!!!!

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It’s Ria and Raul’s Wedding Day!

Ria and Raul are such an amazing couple.  They met in high school but didn’t begin dating until they reacquainted at a friend’s Super Bowl party after college.  But it was like no time had passed and today the couple will wed at Sheraton Carlsbad with 200 of their closest family and friends.

But how did they get here?  When did she say yes?  Gents, take note… Raul proposed in a castle in Spain.  That’s right, we said a castle.  But not just a castle, he took her up to the top of the watch tower overlooking all of Cardona.

Well done Raul!  Ria – keep him around!

A HUGE congratulations to our happy couple!!!

Thank you to Annie Tsai Photography for their super sweet “Singing in the Rain” engagement photos.

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