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It’s Naomi and Matt’s Wedding Day!!!

Naomi and Matt are getting married today in Mission Bay!  The bride, who is from Taiwan, is bringing in her culture through her attire, language (the table names will be multi-lingual) and making sure that her guests feel comfortable by having a translator there for the toasts.

The couple opted for a pink, coral and gray color scheme and will have a beautiful and elegant seaside reception.

Check out their inspiration board:


We have the pleasure of working with ABM Photography, who shot these great engagement photos for them.

Ling_001 Ling_056 Ling_385 Ling_404 Ling_453

It’s Jane and Chris’ Wedding Day – A Scripps Seaside Forum Wedding!

Jane and Chris are getting married today at our favorite venue – Scripps Seaside Forum!!!  We love, love, love this sweet couple from the east coast and their soft and beautiful gray and light pink color scheme.

Check out their wedding inspiration board:Jane & Chris Inspiration

Many, many congratulations to these lovebirds!!!  We can’t wait to share in your big day!

It’s Laura and James’ Wedding Day – A Lebanese Intercultural Wedding at Westing Gaslamp

Today is wedding day for Laura and James.  She’s Lebanese, he’s Polish and a few years ago they met in Del Mar.  Though James lives back east, the couple made it work with a long distance relationship and today will get married on a rooftop terrace downtown followed by a super fun intercultural reception.  We can’t wait to celebrate with the couple and their 200 guests!

Thank you to True Photography for sharing their beautiful engagement photos!

001Laura_James_pf 002Laura_James_pf 003Laura_James_pf 004Laura_James_pf 005Laura_James_pf 006Laura_James_pf 007Laura_James_pf 008Laura_James_pf 013Laura_James_pf

It’s Angie and Joe’s Wedding Day – A Wine Inspired Wedding at Orfila Vineyard

Angie and Joe are a super sweet couple.  We’ve been working with them over the past 14 months to plan their dream wedding and when we went to Orfila Winery and Vineyards, they both lit up.  We knew that it would be the perfect place to celebrate the beginning of their marriage.

The ceremony will be set against the vines with a purple, gray and white reception in a beautiful tent just above.

Their Story: Set up by a family friend, our first date was at a sushi restaurant. We instantly hit it off and became inseparable. Exactly one year after that first date, on December 10th, we went to the happiest place on earth, Disneyland, to celebrate. After the fireworks show, Joe proposed! We are both extremely happy and excited to be united in marriage and begin our lives together.

Here is the inspiration board we created for their wedding:

Angie&Joe Wedding Inspiration

Check out their engagement photos from I Against I Photography:AJEng50 AJEng02 AJEng12 AJEng14 AJEng27 AJEng35 AJEng38 AJEng53