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Fine Jewelry Care Tips

You’ve got the ring, now take care of it!  Check out tips on caring for your bling from Vera Wang…

Professional Inspection: Have a jeweler inspect your fine jewelry annually to look for loose settings, faulty links, or worn prongs, all of which could lead to loss.
Simple Home Cleaning: Clean gemstone jewelry in a bowl of warm, sudsy water. Use a soft brush to gently clean away dirt buildup. Rinse, and polish with a soft cloth.

Avoid Scratches and Chips: Store jewelry pieces in separate, soft compartments and avoid hard knocks – even diamonds can chip if struck at the right angle!

Limit Chemicals: Hair care products, fragrances and cosmetics can build up and even damage fine jewelry and gems. Put jewelry on last when getting dressed, and remove it first at the end of the day.

Insure Your Jewelry: The right replacement policy coverage can ensure peace of mind if your fine jewelry is lost, stolen, or damaged. Visit for a free quote and to apply for the most comprehensive coverage available.

Ideas We Love: Escort Card Drinks

We see a lot of cool stuff crossing our desks but this one really caught our eye… giving your guests a welcome beverage as their escort card. We LOVE it!

Check out Martha’s idea on how to do this:

The first sign of a great party? Drinks — even better if they guide merrymakers to their tables, too. Sail smoothly from ceremony to reception by offering beverages that indicate guests’ table assignments. Set out glasses alphabetically (or send servers around with trays).

Everything here can be made in advance; print table numbers and name bands from our website, and cut them out before you go. On location, affix the name bands to rental glasses (snipping to fit), and slip numbers onto Aardvark 10 1/2-inch jumbo straws (


Why Hire a Wedding Planner (or Coordinator)?

So many brides and grooms ask us why they should hire a wedding planner or coordinator so we wanted to share some reasons why First Comes Love can help to make your wedding day a huge success.

We Save You Money

That’s right, save money. Your wedding is about celebrating your love. Planning it shouldn’t be about haggling with caterers or worrying whether or not you are getting the best price.

We have the relationship with vendors to negotiate the best prices. We are great with budgets and will work with you to not only create one, but also be sure you stay on track. No matter if it’s big or small.


We Are Flexible To Your Needs

Maybe you want to be more involved and do most of the planning yourself. In that case, have us come out for Wedding Day Management. Every bride needs someone there on the wedding day to coordinate the schedule and details. You and your family and friends don’t need to worry about these things – just show up and enjoy the wedding day.  If you want more support, check out our partial and full planning packages.


We Are Always Prepared

Yes, you can depend on your wedding party and your mother, but they are there to help you celebrate. We are like boy scouts with headsets in heels. We can sew on a button, fix a rip, and tend to a blister.  We have back-up breath mints, directions to the nearest store, and anything you might could need or want to make your day as perfect as possible.


We Are More Than The Venue Coordinator

The primary role of a venue coordinator is to make sure you are in and out of the venue at your specified times and you don’t break any rules while you’re there. Some may go above and beyond, but that is not the norm.

We are on your side and there just for YOU. We coordinate with all your friends, family and vendors to be sure everyone is where they are supposed to be, keeping your day on schedule and you relaxed and happy.

Call or email us today to set-up a complimentary consultation so we can talk more about your wedding needs.