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Fine Jewelry Care Tips

You’ve got the ring, now take care of it!  Check out tips on caring for your bling from Vera Wang…

Professional Inspection: Have a jeweler inspect your fine jewelry annually to look for loose settings, faulty links, or worn prongs, all of which could lead to loss.
Simple Home Cleaning: Clean gemstone jewelry in a bowl of warm, sudsy water. Use a soft brush to gently clean away dirt buildup. Rinse, and polish with a soft cloth.

Avoid Scratches and Chips: Store jewelry pieces in separate, soft compartments and avoid hard knocks – even diamonds can chip if struck at the right angle!

Limit Chemicals: Hair care products, fragrances and cosmetics can build up and even damage fine jewelry and gems. Put jewelry on last when getting dressed, and remove it first at the end of the day.

Insure Your Jewelry: The right replacement policy coverage can ensure peace of mind if your fine jewelry is lost, stolen, or damaged. Visit for a free quote and to apply for the most comprehensive coverage available.


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