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Making Your Name Change a Breeze – Wedding Name Change Service

The terms ‘changing names’ and ‘breeze’ don’t usually go hand in hand in the same paragraph, but recently we stumbled across a very novel and innovative business. Saving brides the regular hassle that comes with contacting each company directly to figure out what process to follow, Easy Name Change is a new service that does most of the hard work for you.

Get the hard work done for you

Using a wedding name change service can help make changing your name after your wedding easy.  The service allows brides to navigate through almost a thousand listings to select all their government forms plus the necessary companies, like banks, credit cards, utilities, travel and shopping rewards, insurance and more. Next, you’ll be able to personalize any forms and letters, if required. After checking out you’re provided with a checklist of all your nominated companies and detailed filing procedures. All kits also come with a guide that explains the process for changing names, which always starts with filing form SS5 with social security. Not bad for $29.95.

It’s worth mentioning that no matter how good any personalized name change kit is, there will always be a small number of places where you simply must visit in person to get your name change organized, like the DMV and most banks. But for everything else you can save yourself virtually a full day’s work.

Or do it yourself

Around 95% of brides still manage their own name change, probably because they’re not aware of personalized name change kits! Should you decide to manage your own name change, here’s the steps you should take;

  1. Order a certified copy of your marriage certificate from the county clerk
  2. File your name change with the SSA using form SS5 Application for a Social Security card. Many agencies link records and won’t allow a name other than what currently appears on file with Social Security. Allow 2-3 days for SSA to update records
  3. File your name change with Californian DMV. Click here to make an appointment for faster service. Complete the original form DL 44 or DL 44C, available in any branch and take your current license and original certificate. Have a new photo taken and pay the $27 fee. You can also complete a DMV Statement of Facts form to update your title and registration at the same time.
  4. Update other government records. This may include voter registration and Medicare. Your passport should only be changed if you have no pending travel. Unless your passport has been issued within the past 12 months you’re hit for full renewal fees, so you may choose to hold off on this.
  5. Banks – most require you to attend a branch in person with updated photo ID, but it’s always best to check in advance. Update bank issued credit cards at the same time.
  6. Other credit cards – many can be updated by mail. Call the issuer to learn more
  7. If your policy was issued via an agent or broker they will lead the name change process. Otherwise call the company directly.
  8. Loyalty – travel rewards often require a form or letter. Most other rewards can be changed by logging in and updating your profile.
  9. Professional; eg, teachers, doctors, lawyers. Most are required to return a form or send a letter.


  • Easy name change proves all the forms and letters where your name change needs to be done in writing. Otherwise set aside half a day, preferably a morning, to call around and learn what documents should be sent where.
  • Mid-week mornings are usually best as wait times are lower and you can get all your research done in just a couple hours.
  • Aim to have your name changed everywhere within 2-3 weeks, otherwise your name change can be dragged on for months or even years!

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